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Do I have to use My Research Portal?

My Research Portal is designed to make your life easier.  You only need one URL (http://myportal.research.uiowa.edu) to access many of the applications you need to use to manage your research on campus including

  • HawkIRB
  • eCOI
  • Wellspring Sofia
  • Workflow approvals for research items

However, you are not required to use My Research Portal.  You can still reach your current UI research information and applications by going directly to those web sites, as you do now.

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What are the advantages of using My Research Portal?

When you log into My Research Portal, you can easily access a quick overview of all your current UI research projects and information.  (Under the category "My Projects" look for the blue "Quick Look" button.

From My Research Portal you can access multiple research administration systems with a single login.  At the top of the portal page, you can quickly scroll through campus-wide research announcements.

For busy PIs "on the road" or otherwise using mobile devices, My Research Portal gives you one URL for approving research related routing forms in addition to quick access to important UI research information.  If you have a quick question, you can use the email links on the portal to easily start a message for  Sponsored Programs, the IRB, or any other research unit.

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Can I delegate access to My Research Portal to administrators in my department?

Yes.  Granting access to a delegate on My Research Portal lets them see expandable content on My Research Portal, but does not grant them access on the other systems they might get to by clicking a link on My Research Portal.  If you would like them to have access on HawkIRB or other UI research systems, you will have to grant them access on that system as well.

If you use the “Manage Delegates” link at the top right of the screen or in the Settings and Help section, you will be able to add delegates to see your expandable content under “Quick Look” on My Research Portal.  The best way to add a delegate on the "Manage Delegates" page is to start typing the last name of the individual and wait for a list of options to pop up.  You can then keep typing if the list is too long, or select one by using the arrow keys or your mouse.

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If I have already delegated access in another UI research system to someone in my lab or department, will this delegation carry-forward in to My Research Portal?

No.  Delegates from other research systems (HawkIRB, UI Routing Forms, etc.) will not be able to see your content by default.  You will have to add them manually to your list of delegates in My Research Portal.

Granting access to a delegate on My Research Portal does not grant them access on the other systems they might get to by clicking a link on My Research Portal.  You will have to grant them access on each individual system as well.

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Where do the Federal announcements come from?

The University of Iowa has engaged Lewis-Burke Associates LLC, a specialty federal relations firm to expand the University’s support from federal sources and broaden its influence and impact on federal decision-making.    To learn more about Lewis-Burke, visit their website: http://lewis-burke.com/. Questions can be directed to Cheryl Reardon (cheryl-reardon@uiowa.edu).

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What types of action items can I expect to see in the Action Items box in My Research Portal?

For our initial launch (July2013), your action items related to the Division of Sponsored Programs’ tasks that require your approval as PI, DEO, Dean, or other workflow approver:  Proposal Routing Form, Non-Monetary Routing Form, and Advance MFK Approval Routing Forms. Once you complete the action (e.g. electronically sign the form), it will be removed from your action items box in My Research Portal.

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What types of action items will not show up in the Action Items box in My Research Portal?

For our initial release of My Research Portal, some of the items that will not appear are human subjects protocol inbox items, non-research related workflow items, Animal Operations messages, DSP award notifications, and other research-related tasks.  The Action Items will not include everything a reasearch staff member needs to do.  Look to other sources for additional action items.

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What are the future plans for improving and expanding My Research Portal?

Some of the planned improvements are:

  • Expanding Action Items to include additional types of items
  • Announcement personalization by selecting topics of most interest
  • Allowing you to mark links as "favorites" and get to them quickly
  • Departmental and Collegiate level access and useful summaries for administration.
  • Adding additional useful links.

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How do I log out of My Research Portal?

Because My Research Portal provides access to multiple systems using a single login, you will need to end your session by closing your browser. This will ensure that anyone that uses your computer will not automatically be logged in as you when they use your browser to go to research administration websites.  

Note: Logging out of other research administration sites may disrupt your single sign-on experience.

My Research Portal allows you to sign-on to one site and navigate between research administration sites without logging on again.  Logging out of other research administration sites will end your session on that site but not on other research sites such as My Research Portal .  If you have a window open to UIRIS, HawkIRB, or other sites you reached via the portal you will continue to be able to use them, but clicking on a link to the site you logged off of will require you to log in.  Always close your browser when ending a session with your research administration sites.

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I have some ideas for improving My Research Portal.  What should I do?

At the bottom of the portal is a link you can use to email the maintainers of the site.  Here is is again:

Please send feedback or questions on the design of this website to: ris-help@uiowa.edu

The more feedback we get, the better!  Our job is to design systems that the UI research community will find useful

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